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Back To The Fandoms~! :D

It's been a while since I've written anything here, and woaaaah! The Visual Editor looks so... clean and simple! :O But I do kindda miss the other features it had in the past, such as the emoticon thingy, if I'm not mistaken... :( (waaaait, the emoticon thingy was there before, right? @_@ )

Anywayyy, I'm currently in the midst of my sem break right now, so yayyy~! :D :D I'm back! :D Though I think I might spend much more time on another site though, instead of LiveJournal :/ Which is what I usually do, actually. xD

Rigggght, talking about fandoms, it's amazing how many things / people I'm suddenly fangirling over all of a sudden... (well, there's probably a personal reason to that, I suppose...? Most likely a sad one...) So I'm going to list them again down here like I did about a year ago since I couldn't find fandom communities for some of them, which means less fangirling materials for me *ahemahem*

  • Arashi~! :D (The longer I'm in this fandom, the harder it is to have a bias xD )

  • Kamiki Ryunosuke~! (Can't wait for 「君の名は。」 to be out! >.<)

  • Mackenyu~! (Looking forward to watching Chihayafuru's Live Action Movies! :D And also his other works! Kindda hoping that he tweets billingually though :'( )

  • Ayano Go~! (Woaaaah, so many different kind of different roles / characters :O )

  • Lord of The Rings~! (Can't wait to start reading the trilogy! ^_^ )

  • すべてがFになる (Watched both the drama and the anime. Wished I could get my hands on [and could read fluently] the book series :( )

  • ちはやふる (Competitive Karuta is like a dream come true for me. The combination of both Poems AND Sports :D )

  • Yonezu Kenshi~! (I like his unique music styles~! :D )

So yeaaaah, those are the things I'm actively fangirl-ing over right now >.< So I'm starting to be a little bit of a mess due to the overwhelming number of things I'm fangirl-ing over (I usually can only focus on one thing at a time, now there's three actors I'm fangirling over @_@ )



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