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Back To The Fandoms~! :D

It's been a while since I've written anything here, and woaaaah! The Visual Editor looks so... clean and simple! :O But I do kindda miss the other features it had in the past, such as the emoticon thingy, if I'm not mistaken... :( (waaaait, the emoticon thingy was there before, right? @_@ )

Anywayyy, I'm currently in the midst of my sem break right now, so yayyy~! :D :D I'm back! :D Though I think I might spend much more time on another site though, instead of LiveJournal :/ Which is what I usually do, actually. xD

Rigggght, talking about fandoms, it's amazing how many things / people I'm suddenly fangirling over all of a sudden... (well, there's probably a personal reason to that, I suppose...? Most likely a sad one...) So I'm going to list them again down here like I did about a year ago since I couldn't find fandom communities for some of them, which means less fangirling materials for me *ahemahem*

  • Arashi~! :D (The longer I'm in this fandom, the harder it is to have a bias xD )

  • Kamiki Ryunosuke~! (Can't wait for 「君の名は。」 to be out! >.<)

  • Mackenyu~! (Looking forward to watching Chihayafuru's Live Action Movies! :D And also his other works! Kindda hoping that he tweets billingually though :'( )

  • Ayano Go~! (Woaaaah, so many different kind of different roles / characters :O )

  • Lord of The Rings~! (Can't wait to start reading the trilogy! ^_^ )

  • すべてがFになる (Watched both the drama and the anime. Wished I could get my hands on [and could read fluently] the book series :( )

  • ちはやふる (Competitive Karuta is like a dream come true for me. The combination of both Poems AND Sports :D )

  • Yonezu Kenshi~! (I like his unique music styles~! :D )

So yeaaaah, those are the things I'm actively fangirl-ing over right now >.< So I'm starting to be a little bit of a mess due to the overwhelming number of things I'm fangirl-ing over (I usually can only focus on one thing at a time, now there's three actors I'm fangirling over @_@ )

I'm baaaack~! :D

But probably just for a short while again, since it's actually the end of sem break :/ But we'll see how it goes~ :)

So yeaaaah... I kindda changed fandoms throughout the last two years, as can be seen by the communities and friends that I'm currently following / watching now. :P But no worries! All of them, especially those of my past, has a special space reserved for them in my heart. :) That's why I never remove those communities that are active from my friends / communities list (... I think I did something wrong... I'm left with all inactive communities D: ). It's nice to see how far they've come throughout the years, and have a trip down memory lane once in a while. :')

So, I'm currently following :

  1. Arashi (Since last year)

  2. Kamiki Ryunosuke (Since... 7 years back? But not a full 7 years due to lots of sleep, tuition, and homework)

Though I don't mind doing a little catching up with:

  1. Hey! Say! JUMP (Favourites: Nakajima Yuto and Okamoto Keito. Lost track of the group after their 'Arigatou ~ Sekai no Doko ni Itemo' single, though I am aware of the sadness that ensued right before their 'Over' single was released / went on sale :'( )

  2. Ya-Ya-Yah (Favourites: Ayukawa Taiyou and Yamashita Shoon. Do not shoot me, it is not because Yaotome Hikaru and Yabu Kota was given a spot in Hey! Say! JUMP)

  3. Kiriyama Renn

  4. And some random people I might have missed out... *grins* Not necessarily just JA / JE though (Tamaki Hiroshi, Koide Keisuke, Eita, Kato Seishiro, etc.)


1. Watched some random fanvideo about Kiriyama Renn's drama roles and there's this one picture that looks quite familiar... and then it hit me. He was in Nodame Cantabile?! And wasn't that the guy whom I thought was pretty good to be a minor character?! That was him?? Waaa... I never knew. If I spot some actor out like that, then he must be very, very good... The last time I became a fan of someone right after watching them in one show was Kamiki Ryunosuke in Tantei Gakuen Q. After that, was a fan of Eita just after like, 3 episodes of Voice (never finished the show, though). Kiriyama Renn I got from Switch Girl. But had to watch the whole thing finish before becoming a fan, just like what I did with Kamiki Ryunosuke. So I think he can still improve.

2. Just finished watching Kazoku Game! And wow. Wow. Wow. When it comes to the kind of story where someone comes into the family and destroys superficial family 'bonds' and then rebuilds it with real bonds, Kazoku Game is like on a league of its own. I haven't watched much of these kind of shows, but still, this is just... WOW. 

Kazoku Game so far...

Watched the 2nd episode up to the 6th episode today. Might continue the 7th episode onwards tomorrow since it doesn't seem to load properly now. And, phew! This show is kindda like an emotional roller coaster ride. Half way through the show, you go all "Awwww... sensei is so sweeeet~" and then the next half of the show he makes you want to strangle him. Really.

Hmm... the way the tutor tackled the bullying problem was quite refreshing, I thought. After watching a few shows that have the same problem, the bullied are the ones who normally end up fighting back the bullies (and then the bullies stopped bullying them or something). But in this show, *EPISODE 2 SPOILER ALERT* [!! SPOILER ALERT !! (click to open)]
The tutor actually comes into the school and makes an announcement to the class about the bullying. He also gave each of the students a suicide note. So with that, the classmates can't say that they didn't know what was happening to Shigeyuki, I guess. Eventhough it only worked temporarily, but still.

I also liked how the tutor put Shigeyuki into ups and downs until he actually got stronger. Man, yeah. I definitely feel for Shigeyuki. Shinichi, not quite. I know where he's coming from, being the better one and all yet still feeling left out. But I'm quite the opposite of that so I don't really feel for him. Okay... maybe a little like when I'm in class and there's always this student/s asking questions that you could figure out if you would just sit and think a little bit longer and the teacher favours them more because they're more interactive than you are. Ooops. Sorry for the distraction.

Hey, is it just me or did anyone else see a sort of 'twinkle' in Shigeyuki's eyes during the skating part where he fell and the girl offered to pick him up? Or maybe it's just the lighting... Hahaha...


It looks sad... But I wanna watch! :D Hope to find a subbed version of this somewhere... :(



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